Rev Dean and Kim










 Rev. Dean and Kim O'Connor- Directors of Souls for Christ Ministries

Who We Are

We at Souls for Christ Ministries are a charitable ministry that works along side other organizations.
Our Ministry is unable to provide funding to other organizations, but partners with other ministries who provide the funding to projects we have. Together we provide opportunities for individuals in need to find water, clothing and personal worth through the Gospel , which we believe helps them in all areas of their lives. Who is the Leader of Souls for Christ Ministries ?
The Director of Souls for Christ Ministries is Rev. Dean O’Connor. Dean was born into a small-town family and felt the call of God to attend Bible College at age 21. Since graduating, he has been involved in street ministry as well as pastoral ministry for more than 20 years. Dean can create a relevant and timely message and take it into almost any setting. His heart and calling is truly that of the Evangelist - one who goes to plant, disciple, challenge, and most of all stir any crowd to action by motivating them to reach out.