SFC LeaderWho is the Executive Director of Souls for Christ Ministries

Rev. Dean C. O’Connor

Souls for Christ Ministries is a ministry dedicated to reaching Souls for Christ.

Rev. Dean C O'Connor, the leader of SFC began his ministry in the Ottawa Valley working with various leaders and ministries. The first few years of Dean's ministry was largely shaped by the Holy Spirit as Dean was lead to go to Bible College to learn about his call and ministry. Following graduation from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, Dean began to preach on the streets and learned his call and leading in the ministry as an Evangelist.

From there Dean felt God leading him to leave his small home town and to go a much larger mission field to where he would spend more than 21 years of his life working with homeless and needy people and with the vast number of unsaved people who need to hear the Gospel. Today, Dean is preaching, teaching, and ministering as a Home Missionary/Evangelist in Canada's largest Inner City, Toronto Ontario Canada.