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                 Below is a PDF Link for the  "State of Homelessness in Canada 2016"



Statistics currently cover up to and not excluding 2016.


A brief look at these stats show the status of the current system

(only some info shown here for discussion purposes)

and our need for an entire overhaul of how we deal with Homelessness in Canada.



Recent Homeless Statistics in Toronto for 2017

There have been over 27 homeless deaths in Toronto since January 2017. Toronto Public Health along with 200 additional agencies which have collected Data have told us that within the first quarter of 2017; that's January to March 2017, over 27 homeless people have died due to  “Freezing deaths, death by trauma, suicide, complications of Hepatitis C.”

This means that since the start of 2017, 2.1% of Toronto's homeless have died per week, an Alarming Statistic.

Here are some additional statistics 

1. Over 35,000 Canadians are Homeless on any given night

2. 235,000 are homeless in a calendar year. 

3. 27.3% are Women, 18.7% are Youth, 24.4% are Men over the ages of 50 or higher.

4. 28-34% are indigenous 

5. 2.2% of homeless in Canada are Veterans, with 2950 Veterans needing

    housing per year and experience homelessness on a regular basis.