Fall Outreach Ministry 2017



              Operation of the Ministry

Since 2011 Souls for Christ Ministries has served the downtown core of Toronto with our “Fall Outreach Ministry”. This Ministry operates throughout the autumn months from October through November. This ministry is a “Mobile Op” style ministry where we travel to the downtown core of Toronto with water and clothing giving them out as per need to those living on the streets and in shelters.

             Statement of Operation

This ministry operates for the sole purpose of providing water and clothing for those living on the streets in the downtown core of Toronto. Especially during the extreme temperatures of summer and winter we collect and hand out clothing, winter kits and water in a mobile fashion (going place to place wherever the need is).

            Means of the Operation

All year long items such as coats, socks boots, and shoes are often in short supply for those living and calling the streets home. From time to time whenever the donations are available and collected we go down and hand out items that many do not receive or cannot afford (as listed above).

                                                                                 Fall Outreach Ministry 2016


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