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Team Missions Ministry is a very important part of our Partnership Ministries at Souls for Christ Ministries. 

From time to time through our volunteer efforts we host Mission Teams, and those wanting a Home Missions Experience.

Teams are welcome to come to partner with us to reach out in our Home Missions field which is right here in downtown Toronto.


Guidelines to Partnership:

Teams arriving will be responisble for:

  • any and all financial costs incurred by any outreach done for them or by them.
  • any supplies needed will NOT be supplied in full or part by Souls for Christ Ministries for any outreach
  • teams arriving must supply their own accommodations. No person(s) will be housed by or supplied a residence by our Ministry
  • teams must adhere to all guidelines supplied by our ministry      
  • all Volunteers must adhere to Our Volunteer Guidelines Form- as well there is a photography form given to all.                                                                


  • During Outreaches photographs will be taken. Groups must sign + agree to this, as it is part of the overall experience.


  • Volunteers with children must adhere to our policies on children by signing a parental guidance form in advance of the day(s) of ministry.
  • Costs incurred for stays such as hotels, meals or other are never covered in part of full by Souls for Christ Ministries for children or adults

Teams have the opportunity to come down and receive:

  • first hand experience doing on-hands ministry for needy people
  • the blessing of providing water and clothing they have personally donated or supplied and see the impact they have made
  • to see the Heart of God in action and learn Team Strategies
  • to learn to give sacrifically, giving that "Cup of Cold water in Jesus Name"
  • to help the homeless survive another day of living on the streets


 Teams are vital because:

  • We provide the homeless with essentials they need which may prevent them from acts of desperation to require them- all items are donated to us first.
  • We are doing "Acts of Kindness" for those that are socially less fortunate and are helping the local municipaties
  • We are serving the Lord in Serving the needy. We will become the Lords hands and feet extended to the needy
  • We prevent many from dehydriation or suffering during the heat of summer and the cold of winter
  • All groups are welcome to come to experience a Missions Experience in downtown Toronto. But we reserve the right to deny a potential group if we see the need.


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