September 2017

September was a difficult and wet month for Toronto's homeless. The first few weeks of the month saw cooler weather as with August but double the amount of rain.

We hit the streets many days armed with coats and shoes and jackets and even some rain attire to help the homeless wherever we could. 

Many good pairs of shoes, pants and coats were distributed to those in need. We often found some of the basic needs were the hardest for them to get. So we would make sure 

that we would give out food stuffs, food cards and meal cards for food each time we went seeing this was the vital item many requested. 

Over all the month of September was colder to start which meant blankets began to be in demand, but by the middle of the month it was so warm that ice cold water was in demand once again.

By the time the month ended it was so hot that many of the homeless were seeking shelter for heat issues again instead of cold. 

In the months ahead as that colder air moves in, we will be ready to tackle the needs of the homeless. Already we've have started collecting the key winter items soon to be distributed to the homeless.

May 2017

This was an extremely difficult Winter and now Spring for the homeless here in Toronto.

We have been told by Toronto Public Health that 27 Homeless people have died in Toronto due to

Hep C viruses, freezing to death, or illnessnes that are unnamed. Many died just in the last 

3 months alone.

We are committed to assisting Toronto's homeless in many ways. Together with various agencies across the

GTA we have partnered to help stop these terrible occurances from happening.

This past Spring we partnered with churches and groups wanting to reach out to the homeless in a

'Help the Homeless Initiatitive Day" in which we hit the streets with esentials to help those in need.

Together we handed out over 100 sandwiches, over 100 blankets sleeping bags, over 200 healthy snacks

and food cards, clothing and Winter Survival Kits and more to assist those needing items inaccessible.

WIth the heat of summer approaching we will be  heading to Local agencies committed to help the

less fortunate to get water and Summer Survival Kits into the hands of those living in poverty on the streets.

Pray that God uses our efforts and partnerships to stop unnecessary deaths on the streets of Toronto this 

Summer season.



August 2017

August was the start of the cooler weather, though it was summer still the average day time high was only about 20 degrees and the nights got pretty chilly. Though it changed rapidly again in the weeks ahead  

the days throughout this month found many of the homeless already in need of heavier clothing. We hit the streets several times with abundant heavy shirts, socks, pants and even some light jackets all thanks 

to a group from Richmond Hill - iYeshua Richmond Hill helping the needy with items they didnt have. We also dropped off clothing to CRC regent park a low income area a location where clothing is always in demand.

Three more times we also saw hotter days nearer to the end of the month. He managed to hit the streets and hand out more vitally needed cold water and food cards for meals for the homeless and some more clothing.

April 2017

The Spring is upon us officially and the cold has not disappeared as of yet! The Winter cold is still holding us prisioner and we 

need to be praying and acting to help the needy in our city.

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July 2017

Summer has been a long hot affair. To date we handed out over 35 cases of water that was placed in ice to make it a very cold bottle of water for the needy on a hot day.

Already we have seen the effect. Often upon arrival many homeless people would run towards us shouting Water Water.  With many cases of snacks 

and additional food stuffs we hit the streets weekly handing out Food cards, bottles of ice cold water, summer clothhing and much more.

 Special thanks to all who give weekly quarterly and annually to make this vital ministry a benefit to the needy in downtown Toronto.

March 2017

March is almost gone and what a month it has been. As Spring has began the cold weather has been hanging on.

For the previous two months the mild weather has given the homeless confidence the warmer weather would be around the corner.


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June 2017

Well what a Summer it has been. June has come and gone as has the entire Summer and its almost Sept and we have alot to do. June was the wettest on record, for some years. The Homeless have strugglesd to find dry places to live outdoors again this year, with shelters finding no pity for those coming and going.

We have began our water distribution to those living on the streets, throughout this month and the months again. July and August should prove to be record months for the number of homeless people living outside. Already we have found more than double the people living on the streets this years compared to even last year.

With prayers in hand and our supporters behind us we are heading out to do clothing and water outreach for the next few months. So far by this months end we have handed out over 100 bottles and counting.

Sadly though, homelessness has done nothing but increase, and with the current numbers and with the agencies addressing the needs our job is unending.



February 2017

Well the Winter has almost come and  gone and we are trying to meet the demands when colder than normal nights come upon the homeless.

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