March is almost gone and what a month it has been. As Spring has began the cold weather has been hanging on.

For the previous two months the mild weather has given the homeless confidence the warmer weather would be around the corner.



But when March approached, the cold flowed day after day, with temperatures plummiting below -20 with windchill- the homeless were again in deperate need of coverings.

But thanks be to God we were well equipped with left over items like sleeping bags, blankets, clothing food stuffs and more, just in time to assist the most vulnerable living on the streets in downtown Toronto.

Within a two week period the temperatures doubled and sometimes tripled from the previous months. Over several weeks we were out getting Winter Survival Kits and Sleeping Bags out to those with nothing. In some cases the

homeless need ten to twenty items (like sleeping bags and hygiene items, water food stuffs and more )  per week to survive the elelments, this was our task at hand!

Two weeks into March a Church from Scarborough contacted me wanting to partner with us in our efforts to help the homeless receive the help they needed. Armed with Love and Grace this wonderful church came downtown to assist 

in handing out Winter Survival Kits, Sleeping Bags, Food, Clothing and more just in time.

To God be the glory as over 50 wonderful Christians sacrificed their Saturday to come down. We sent teams North, South, East, West, of the downtown getting esential items into the hands of the homeless ahead of a messy and

cold weekend.

Special thanks to  Malvern Christian Assembly for sending many faithful people to participate that Saturday and made a difference for the sake of the Gospel.