September was a difficult and wet month for Toronto's homeless. The first few weeks of the month saw cooler weather as with August but double the amount of rain.

We hit the streets many days armed with coats and shoes and jackets and even some rain attire to help the homeless wherever we could. 

Many good pairs of shoes, pants and coats were distributed to those in need. We often found some of the basic needs were the hardest for them to get. So we would make sure 

that we would give out food stuffs, food cards and meal cards for food each time we went seeing this was the vital item many requested. 

Over all the month of September was colder to start which meant blankets began to be in demand, but by the middle of the month it was so warm that ice cold water was in demand once again.

By the time the month ended it was so hot that many of the homeless were seeking shelter for heat issues again instead of cold. 

In the months ahead as that colder air moves in, we will be ready to tackle the needs of the homeless. Already we've have started collecting the key winter items soon to be distributed to the homeless.