Well November has started as October ended, wet and cold. The need for clothing has been vital and many homeless people ask each time they see us for items to wear.

Early in the month we started to receive many large bags of clothing just in time for the cold weather ahead.

By the end of November the clothing donations had jumped to over 300lbs. With many cold days ahead we hit the streets several times with our mobile unit going place to place handing out hats, gloves, scarves, coats, blankets, pants, heavy tops, warm bottoms and the love of Jesus.

By the end of the day along with donations to local shelters we handed out over 200lbs of the clothing we received all on the same day.

November was very cold and the start of December hit some record low temperatues with days heading below -20 in windchill.

The start of December we continued to collect many great warm winter coats {had a huge demand for them too) many had already been handed out. With a need for coats and sleeping bags we started to back stock whatever we could for the month ahead, winter was upon us.