Souls for Christ Ministries is a Home Missions Ministry that is reaching Toronto, Canada's largest city.

With more than 5500 homeless people living on the streets in Toronto, now is the time to help the homeless and unsaved come into saving relationship with Jesus. “For all who call on his name will be saved”... Romans 10:13 NIV.

We help build God's kingdom by preaching the Word weekly on the Streets, handing out literature at busy downtown intersections, and by reaching out to the homeless through partnerships with churches and groups through our mobile Outreach using Food, clothing and necessities helping the homeless of Toronto survive cold and heat alerts year round.

Our Humanitarian Work- and Homeless Statistics in Canada:

There have been over 27 Homeless Deaths In Toronto from January 2017 to March 2017 (Reported by Toronto Public Health) which are 2.1 homeless deaths per week. (These statistics are just for the first Quarter of 2017 alone not including the next 6 months.)

By the end of 2017 a total of 80 homeless people have died on the streets of Toronto.

Over 5263 homeless men, women and children sleep outdoors, or  in shelters nightly.

Over 440 sleep rough each and every night (meaning they have no place to go or options for a bed) 85% of homeless people who sleep outside are Men.

65% of the entire homeless population are Men. 33% of Toronto's homeless are Aboriginal.

The average age per homeless person is 51. ( this number is conservative.) 

There are over 4000 beds available in Toronto for the homeless each night  but over 5500 are homeless.

City of Toronto adds over 140 Out of the Cold beds for the homeless each night from November to March but it misses the mark.

The New Respite Centres have brought the total number of available beds for the homeless to 5656. This is good news!