Souls for Christ Ministries is a Home Missions Ministry that is reaching Toronto, Canada's largest city.

With more than 5000 homeless people living on the streets in Toronto, now is the time to help the homeless and unsaved come into saving relationship with Jesus. “For all who call on his name will be saved”... Romans 10:13 NIV.

Souls for Christ Ministries welcomes groups of any size to be a part of what God is doing right here in Toronto.

We help build God's kingdom by preaching the Word weekly on the streets, handing out literature at busy downtown intersections, and by reaching out to the homeless through partnerships with churches and groups to do meals in key areas of need in downtown Toronto.

Since 1984 there has been over 700 homeless deaths on the streets in Toronto. It is our Mission to change that statistic and our calling to reach "Souls for Christ"!!