Facts About Toronto's Homeless and Housing


It is estimated that in Canada 12.9% of Canadians or 4.3 Million live at or below the poverty line. (according to Statistics Canada 2013.)

Canada's poverty rate per capita is higher than the normal range, which means with a growing population more and more Canadians will end up homeless and on the streets without food or shelter using the resources needed and meant for the most vulernable. 

In the last few years alone more than 4 Million Canadians have faced food shortages due to:

  • Shrinking Income 
  • Increased poverty -Lack of Gov't Funding (slashed programs, grants and funds unavailable to lower income people)              
  • Extreme cost of housing in Canada and the raising cost of home ownership (Seniors unable to afford their own homes)



                                           Facts About Torontos Homeless


 The City of Toronto Website on Quick Facts about Homelessness States: 

  • 5253 (Estimates) people are homeless needing housing, are in shelters or other facilities for personal care or have no permanent housing options.
  • 447 people are said to sleep outside "Rough" or without any housing options available. 
  • 85% of those that sleep outside are Men, while 65% of the homeless in general are Men.
  • 33% of the identifiable Homeless are Aboriginal 
  • 29% of Toronto's homeless are at or over the age of 51. This number is very conservative meaning its much higher.
  • 4092 Beds are available to be used per night for Toronto's homeless (yet as listed above there are over 5200 homeless persons in Toronto minimum.)
  • Toronto has 60-150 "Out of the Cold Beds" available nightly- November through April ( which aleviates some pressure on the overall shelter system especially during the  Extreme Cold Alerts.)
  • Over 16,000 people have used the shelter system in Toronto in 2015. In 2011 that number was over 18,000.
  • 93% of Homeless people need or want permanent housing 
  • Though the Number of Cold Alerts issued by the city have dropped considerably in a ten year period the city programs are often not ready to meet the demand alone. (Groups and Agencies and Outreach Organizations must work together to meet the ever growning needs of Toronto's homeless.)
  • The average homeless person looking for housing is placed on a waiting list that exceeds 9 years. 

There are over 94,000 social housing units available in Toronto for those with low income. But the waiting list for those needing Social Housing has soared to almost 100,000. The time has come for us to work together to assist those living in these situations overcome poverty. Many end up on the streets in downtown Toronto due to the inability to afford the cost of renting in Toronto and here's why:

  1. The current cost to rent a two bedroom apartment in Toronto (conservatively) is over $1000.00 per month downtown.
  2. The cost for a three bedroom grows even more coming in at $1300.00 per month. 
  3. Low income benefits are far too inadequate for the poor to even afford a bachelor, one bedroom or a room for that matter in the downtown core of Toronto and afford all other amenities.
  4. Low income people pay out over 50% or more of their income to housing on average. This alone is why we exist as a ministry in the downtown core of Toronto. Far too many people are homeless in Toronto and in Canada primarily due to lack of ability to pay for their basic necessities of life.

Souls for Christ Ministries partners with many great organizations and churches to reach into the lives of the poor helping them with food, clothing and much more through our donations programs like:

  • Coat and Boots Ministry- supplying Winter Wear -clothing (when available)
  • Summer Outreach Program- supplying Ice Cold Water and Summer Clothing and Summer Survival Kits (when available).
  • Fall and Winter Outreach Programs- supplying Food Cards and Winter Survival Kits and Sleeping bags and Clothing -> (when available) 

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