Introduction to Ministries
At Souls for Christ Ministries we offer several options for areas to which we can make the life of your church more productive.
Evangelism/Home Missions
Going out in the streets right here at home to preach weekly to the unsaved and working with the homeless and less fortunate with BBQs in various parks.
Teaching Seminars and Discipleship
We offer seminars on evangelism on topics like: learning the basics of sharing faith, learning to lead others to Christ, and how to disciple people into a deeper relationship with God.
Preaching Ministry
Our ministry provides the opportunity for a church or group to have Pastor Dean, the leader of Souls for Christ Ministries come and share his heart on Evangelism in your service on Sunday or on a weekday.
Water and the Word Ministry
To find out what we do in the downtown core and for a map of our main location, visit this page for the outline.
Lunch for the Bunch Ministry
During the Fall season SFC offers a vital outreach Ministry that hands out important  nutricious food and beverages to those living on the streets. We operate in a mobile and stationary fashion details under the "Lunch for the Bunch Tab" on our website.
Winter Outreach Ministry
Throughout the Winter months the homeless and those who live on the streets are at risk in everyway. More die during this season than all other times of the year. In the winter our ministry partners with many churches and groups to collect food, winter kits, water and clothing to help the homeless survive the cold winter months. 
Team Missions Ministry  
One of the ways that Souls for Christ Ministries builds partnerships and assists the local church is to offer a Ministry called "Team Missions Ministry"! Through this ministry groups have the opportunity to do on-hands ministry whether it be one-on-one evangelism or our "Acts of Kindness" ministry where we offer groups and teams a opportunity to use their collected resources to help the needy and make an impact for the kingdom of God.