"Preaching is defined as preparation and delivery of a Sermon. In most environments preaching is done in the church setting."

At Souls for Christ Ministries we are a Pentecostal ministry that is called and ordained to preach, teach the Word of God in every environment.

One of our of strengths is to take the Gospel beyond the boundaries of the 4 church walls into a different setting, the streets of our nation. As a ministry that focuses weekly on a unique congregation, one that is unsaved, we have a different style and mandate in our preaching. Each time we go out we understand that it is a one-chance style of preaching with very little chance to use 3-point sermons. 


                                     Pulpit Preaching

                                                  IMG 0647 

Having an Evangelist speak often can make a real difference in a Sunday service. It can stir church leaders and congregations to engage larger mission fields, challenge them to make a difference right at home, and build faith as God intended which is the role of a Home Missionary/Evangelist. On a Sunday morning or evening Pastor Dean will come to your local congregation to preach upon request. Please know that we are affliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.


                                                                Our Street Preaching Ministry


                                     --Dean Preaching in Downtown Toronto at Yonge and Dundas--


                                                                   Home Missions Emphasis

Often we have church and ministry partners that focus on Home Missions work. Souls for Christ Ministries is engaged solely in a "Home Missions role" called "Team Missions Ministry".  This  isomething we specialize in and will enhance any group that would like to reach out right at home.

                             Malvern Team Pic 2017 

                          Teams from Malvern Christian Assembly-Scarborough Ontario                                     


                              Malvern March Outreach 2017 Help the Homeless Day


                              Teams from Malvern Christian Assembly at Yonge+Dundas During our

                                                      "Help the Homeless Day"