Our Summer Program 

During the Summer Months the Homeless living in Toronto have much to endure.

With the ongoing and extreme weather that persists in Toronto in the Summer many homeless people struggle to survive the basic elements. With lack of water, food and clothing daily it becomes vital that agencies like ours help them regularly.
Though food stuffs and clothing are key factors Dehydration from lack of Water is the number one reason so many homeless people die throughout the years.
We have created a ministry that assists the homeless in partnership with other organizations to get the water they so vitally need. With temperatures so extreme in the heat of the Summer being outside without water all day results in extreme dehydration.
Weekly or bi-weekly depending on the Weather our teams go out and hand out Ice Cold water to the homeless all Summer long. Whether it be in the parks or right on the streets we get that vital water into the hands of Toronto’s most vulnerable.

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Summer Outreach of Water- OUTLINE- (FOR TEAMS AND GROUPS)

During the Summer months we are able to purchase water and partner with groups and agencies that provide water for us to hand out. We do this in faith and costs are covered by our ministry.
We therefore ask that groups that wish to partner with us provide their own water and cover their own costs for their ministry outreach.
Often times teams wish to do More than water outreach such as handing out sandwiches and clothing.
While we no longer do stationary food distribution groups are welcome to bring sandwiches and clothing from their own budget to do all that they wish. Know that we do not provide the food or clothing for all or any outreaches in question.
Teams that come to assist us and wish to gain experience may be asked to make a donation to the ministry to help us cover our costs.



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