This Ministry operates on a Voluntary Basis and does not guarantee we will operate at any one time or one place.

   Our Goal is that We Give Out:

                   Sleeping bag  Sleeping Bags and Blankets       Blankets for homeless    

  •   Necessities like socks, gloves and coats or heavy tops when possible! 
  •   To give out  water and any donated items when and where possible!   


                          Means of the Operation

When possible (weather permitting) our ministry operates a mobile one on one on the streets unit that gives out warm clothing, (sleeping bags, may be done later in colder weather) and toiletries based upon supply and demand. If we have the supply, we hand them out to the homeless. Dates indicated may vary based upon weather and elements surrounding the outdoors.

clothing donations                Donations of Clothing

Please understand we do not have a warehouse or storage area and do not collect items for resale nor do we keep items for later times. All donations or items collected are given out as soon as possible.

                    winter survival kit    Winter Survival Kits   winter survival kit

One to two times during the harsh winter months we plan  days to go out and give out "Our Winter Survival Kits”. These kits are given out "ONLY"on several extreme cold weather days, days that the city calls for a cold alert.   

      On these days we go out to hand out the survival kits that contain items the homeless need to brave the elements like coats and sleeping bags and much more. If you have a group that would like to help with these please contact our office at 416-389-5466

This ministry is also based upon the Supply and Demand of the items given. If we have kits and or cost for purchase of such items kits are assembled and given out based on "Our First come First served" agenda.


All items are donated or purchased based on cost, availability and timing or event which we operate at the time.
In doing so we believe we are helping to meet the challenges that the city has and assisting the "Out of the Cold Program" that try meeting the huge demand this time of the year.

Note to the Receiving Individuals:

Our Ministry will assist by collecting sleeping bags and winter apparel to hand out to the needy in the difficult months of winter. All items collected are done so on a per need per use basis.

We do not provide all of the items ourselves but we partner with other groups that raise funds and donate items to the work.

Our ministry does not sell or collect any of these items on a regular basis for any other reason other than the work we do in the downtown core with the needy.
No funds are raised from any donated items given, but 100% of the apparel donations go directly to the work.




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