February 2016

This certainty has been a different year for us. The weather has been 20% warmer and the homeless in crisis situations are far and few compared to other years.
The cold has been at par so far but we are headed for some cold weather in Febraury.

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May 2015

Well its been a crazy start to 2015 with alot of our ministry options shifting to our main preaching location at Yonge and Dundas. Many of the homeless are now taking up permanent residence at Yonge and Dundas either in the Square or along the street. I have been preaching down there for years and have never seen so many homeless people living at Yonge and Dundas.

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September 2015

September is upon us and we are indeed seeing the switch of our seasons again. First it was so cool and wet in early summer we almost did not need our Water distribution. Now the summer heat is in the fall season as it starts in a about a weeks time and Cold water is more needed now than in July or August.

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March 2015

I can hardly beleive how time is flying by. We are already thinking ahead to our Summer Outreach Ministry. Winter was one we will never forget and with so many new partners that came along side us we saw the homeless of downtown Toronto receive many vital items that helped them make it through what was the coldest winter in Toronto's history.

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October 2015

This has been a very cold month though its only early in October. The homeless are already suffering and need more help and winter wear. Our Winter Coat and Boots ministry is just that ministry. We are soon officially launching our Coat and Boots and Winter Outreach Ministry so assist those that are helpless and live soley on the streets trying to survive the elements of early fall cold and the long winter.

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June 2015

This week and all month we have had a major focus on downtown preaching. As the Lord has lead me to be more burdened to get his Word out, we believe that time is indeed short. Therefore as a ministry called in these last days to preach Christ we are challenged to get double the tracts and literature out we ever did before.

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November 2015

It has been really rainy this year and we tried to get out there and distribute as Much free warm winter clothing as we could to the homeless and to shelters within the city. Our challenges have been the odd things this year, mostly issues fighting the bylaws and city ordinances compared to normal things as in past years.

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July 2015

July has passed and we are very pleased that God's mercy has allowed us to be apart of all that is happening downtown Toronto despite the setbacks!! Our preaching has come under fire as the enemy has brought the local officials against us threatening us telling us to stop preaching or we will be arrested.

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