April 2017

The Spring is upon us officially and the cold has not disappeared as of yet! The Winter cold is still holding us prisioner and we 

need to be praying and acting to help the needy in our city.

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October 2016

Well it was indeed a cold and Wet start to the Fall. We collected many coats and winter wear for 

the homeless. There has been a number of closures of shelters in downtown Toronto, clearly

leaving the homeless out in the Cold. Our ministry has been there again this year trying to

provide the essentials for those living on the streets.

March 2017

March is almost gone and what a month it has been. As Spring has began the cold weather has been hanging on.

For the previous two months the mild weather has given the homeless confidence the warmer weather would be around the corner.


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September 2016

This is our first entry since our new website was published. Its been a while and we will catch up with the back editions missing. It has been a adventureous few months. There has been a enormous change in the number of homeless people on the streets downtown.

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February 2017

Well the Winter has almost come and  gone and we are trying to meet the demands when colder than normal nights come upon the homeless.

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March 2016

Well another Winter Outreach Ministry has come and gone and we are very grateful to God for his grace we were able to examplify to many of the needy persons living on the streets downtown Toronto.

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November 2016

It has been another month of rainy days with not so bad temperatues. Since early in the Fall

our Ministry has been working diligently trying to collect food, water, and clothing for the homeless. Our 

efforts were best used buying Tim Hortons Food cards we found, that way the homeless the get food they need firsthand.

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January 2016

Its January and we are now heading out to operate our Winter Outreach Ministry. It has has been a huge winter so far with so many great donations of clothing. We had more than 2500lbs come in since early 2015, with coats, hats, gloves, socks, shoes, winter tops, bottoms, and along with that the Winter Kits and sleeping bags donated by The Bargains group here in Toronto.

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